Our Mission

Relax your heart, open your mind, dream, breathe and release, you have arrived. So call it home … SWEET HOME! Our intentions are pure, and our philosophy is founded on hope and gratitude. We are most grateful for life and all her beautiful gifts. We will stop at nothing to promote quality of life in all its stages. We take pride in the principles of joy, happiness and fulfillment. Our commitment is to make these things tangible. We have built Sweet Home with care; we have anchored it with love and hope, adorned it with devotion. Heart-to-Heart … Hand-to-Hand … we vow excellent service and competent, caring staff.

About Us

Sweet Home offers developed individuals assistance with daily living activities such as, dressing, grooming, bathing, mobility, incontinence, reminding, cuing, and medication management. We provide respite care, day care, short-term care and long-term care, while maintaining a genuine, respectable homelike atmosphere that aid in the quality of life. As well, we surrender a qualified staff at a 2-to-6 ratio twenty-four
hours a day. Our campus was designed to meet the needs of developed individuals. We have large hallways, wheel chair-equipped doors and ramps, large walk-in shower stalls with built-in seats. The entire facility is equipped with an intercom system, and we have decor that is not only beautiful—but soothing to the soul.

Ready to entertain, our media room is equipped with HD flat-screen televisions. Our Activity Program is awesome! You won’t just find Bingo. We have health and fitness activities, gender-based activities, community outings, wonderful spiritual and religious encounters. We are keeping up with the 21st century by supplying computer training and accessibility. Additionally, we use the Wii fitness game for engaging activities. It is our goal to provide joy and happiness each day at Sweet Home, stimulating activities that will be rewarding, memorable, encouraging, and sometimes challenging.
Clearly, we have extended the helping hand of service and the warmth of our family. So we invite you to increase your territory and relax. Your search is over; you have arrived, so call it by name … SWEET HOME.