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Welcome to Sweet Home Assisted Living and Adult Day Care. Relax, your search is over.... You have arrived.

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Winter 2008


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Sweet Home is exactly what you ordered. Our beautiful facility has all the amenities of hotel living, yet personalized to meet the needs of our beloved aging population in a home setting. Sweet Home is designed based on hands on knowledge that provides for the continued development of people that are most important ... OUR LOVED ONES.

We have walked the path of finding alternative housing and engaging activities for a loved one, so we know your distress. Equipped with experience and caring attitudes, we're eager to answer your calls, passionate about providing answers and quality service that matter. So relax your heart; open your minds; breathe and release; you have arrived ... SWEET HOME!

Our goal at Sweet Home is to soothe the aging process and ensure realistic participation in setting individual goals. In addition, we strive to stimulate active participation in our community. Our intentions are pure and simple. We will use an extended family to develop holistic increase that will aid in the quality of life for our aging and disabled population.